An exploration

This is my 1970’s vintage dress I thrifted a couple years back. When I wear it I feel like a Woodstock princess and hear vibrations of Jefferson Airplane’s bass in my head.  It was a hit at Paris Fashion Week. I want my wedding dress to be something similar to this. Vintage with soft embellishments.
  • things I should be doing: reading
  • things I want to do: read
  • thing that I am putting off for no conceivable reason: reading

how the fuck am i supposed to survive this movie
- hobbit fandom right now (via desolation-of-feels)

  • Me: I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
  • Me: *watches entire season of tv show*
  • Me: *reads every book i own*
  • Me: *goes on quest to find the holy grail*


shit they’re finding our weak spots


"what did u do all day?"


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go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait